How Sleep Deprivation Can Affect Your Brain Performance?

Having trouble sleeping will make disruption to our health,
Sleep disorders  especially sleep deprivations has correlation to lowered body immunity, resulting in high blood pressure, and depression

 Sleep Deprivation Can affect Brain Performance trouble sleeping (
Sleep Deprivation
Sleeping time  Greetings Readers of Propersleep ...  We already know that having trouble sleeping will make disruption to our health. Even though each person has different  need for sleep time and the average is 6 to 8 hours, but sleep problems in adults is happen sometimes, such as insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, sleep deprivation etc.

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Sleep disorders  especially sleep deprivations has correlation to lowered body immunity, resulting in high blood pressure, and depression, sleep deprivation also can interfere with cognitive ability in the short term to long term brain damage. Sleep deprivation can affect our brain, especially with cognitive performance and direct influence to how brain works.

Things You Shouldn’t Wear While Sleeping

Wearing wristwatch, bra, underwear, glasses, lenses, sleeping near phone, and wearing make up are things you should avoid before sleeping

Sleep disturbances  Greetings Readers of Propersleep ...  When the night comes, your body and mind feel tired, the things that you want to do is get enough sleeping and good night rest, but to get proper sleep, you should prepare everything so that the bedtime routine can be done comfortably. This article will provide information about the things to be avoided before bedtime sleep, in order to avoid problem sleeping at night.

Wearing Wristwatch

Wristwatches can emit radioactive substances, although the emission is small, but still it should be avoided, because we have relatively long sleeping hours (6-8 hours) and we do not want to be exposed with radioactive emission during that time considering our health.
 Things You Shouldnt do Before Sleeping to avoid problem sleeping at night ( wearing wristwatch
And also wearing wristwatches will cause disruption of blood flow in the hands if its happen in wrong position, this will cause sleep disturbance and bring no good to your health.

How Much Average Sleep Time We Need?

Sleep times is depend on the Age, Gender, and Activity. Six to seven hours is an average sleep time for adults.
How much sleeping times we need optimal sleep time average sleep time for adults (
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Sleeping time  Greetings Readers of Propersleep ...  Actually, what is the ideal amount of sleep times for humans? and if the amount sleep times is not met, whether it would bring negative impact to our health, this question may have overshadowed our minds, and certainly we do not want our less sleeping time will interfere our health.

Factor Determine Sleep Time

How much sleeping times we need optimal sleep time sleep for children (
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Sleeping time needed by each person is different from each others, it depends on the age, gender and type of activity. Children need longer sleep times than adults, because its important to support their physical and mental development, and people with heavy physical activity will require more sleep time than average people.

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Optimal Sleep Time for Adults

Rumors that we heard in the community say that the recommended sleep time is 8 hours a day. However, recent studies reveal that apparently the optimal sleep time is 6 to 7 hours. The Studies also said that six to seven hours is an average sleep time for adults that we need to get every day.

Modern Life and Decreased Sleeping Time

Having enough sleep has important implications for our health, but in line to the modern life development, the sleeping times began to decrease from its optimal amount due to  the widespread use of electricity, gadget, TV, internet and so on.

Avoid Sleep Deprivation in Children

Children with sleep deprivation will impair their physical and mental health

Sleep Disorders in Children  Greetings Readers of Propersleep ...  Children, who are in the growth period especially in primary school age, are required to have sufficient hours of sleep. Since during the growth period, they need adequate number of sleep to absorb nutrients into the body.
Sleep Deprivation in Children sleep disorders in children (
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Longer Than Adults

Children need more sleeping time than the adults. If a normal adult has the ideal sleeping hours from 7 to 8 hours in a day, the children are required to obtain from 10 to 11 sleeping hours a day. For children, enough sleep can support their health both physically and mentally, sleep issues in children will bring negative impact.

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Importance Sleep for Children

Sleep for children is important to ensure the growth and development, Children with sleep deprivation tend to have disturbance in the physical and mental development.
During sleep, the brain and the body of the children work to process growth, and also to support the activities in the next day.
Sleeping problems in children will affect their growth mentally and physically.

Proper Sleeping Position to Increase Health

Performing the right and proper sleeping position can boost health

Proper way to sleep - Dear Readers of Propersleep… Do you ever experienced wake up in the morning with aches? Back pain? Neck pain? That problem maybe cause by your sleeping position.  Because sometimes we tend to not to put enough attention in what position that we sleep in the night. Even though we are aware of the body posture during the day, but we tend to not aware about the good posture during our night time sleep.
Proper Sleeping Position to Increase Health proper way to sleep (
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Habitual Sleeping Positions

Many of you have habitual sleeping position that consciously or unconsciously affect your life, some sleeping position have impact to your body, especially for your posture and your health, that’s why it’s better to implement new habitual proper way to sleep since the benefits of proper sleep will boost the quality of life.

Proper Sleeping Position to Increase Health benefits of proper sleep (
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Comfortable Sleeping Positions

Every time we try to sleep, we probably try to find the position that comfortable to us, everybody may have their habitual and preferred position which suits them. Some of that habitual sleeping position may be not ideal if that causes you to experience pain or other health problem resulting form that sleeping position. It’s conclude that your habitual position may be not the proper way to sleep.