Avoid Sleep Deprivation in Children

Children with sleep deprivation will impair their physical and mental health

Sleep Disorders in Children  Greetings Readers of Propersleep ...  Children, who are in the growth period especially in primary school age, are required to have sufficient hours of sleep. Since during the growth period, they need adequate number of sleep to absorb nutrients into the body.
Sleep Deprivation in Children sleep disorders in children (propersleep.blogspot.com)
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Longer Than Adults

Children need more sleeping time than the adults. If a normal adult has the ideal sleeping hours from 7 to 8 hours in a day, the children are required to obtain from 10 to 11 sleeping hours a day. For children, enough sleep can support their health both physically and mentally, sleep issues in children will bring negative impact.

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Importance Sleep for Children

Sleep for children is important to ensure the growth and development, Children with sleep deprivation tend to have disturbance in the physical and mental development.
During sleep, the brain and the body of the children work to process growth, and also to support the activities in the next day.
Sleeping problems in children will affect their growth mentally and physically.

Parents Role

Children and sleep is two things that are very hard to put together, but they can be taught… to consistently obtain the ideal sleeping time, parents can teach specific habits to their children. For example If they are already 15-30 minutes close to bedtime, children can be taught to perform habitual activities before bedtime, such as changing to pajamas, brushing teeth, or even reading  books.
Sleep Deprivation in Children sleep issues in children (propersleep.blogspot.com)
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No Sweets Food

Parents are also encouraged to not to give food or sweet to the child before sleeping time. Sweet foods or drinks this will only make the child's body becomes more active and hard to sleep, because they will get extra power from sweets.

These habits should should start from childhood. Besides to familiarize good habits to children, parents also have to teach the children self-discipline. Thus, these habits will be carry over until they grow up

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No TV before Bedtime

 If your baby enjoys watching television before going to sleep, you must be firm and turn off the television at least 30 minutes before bedtime. The same thing needs to be done when he was playing video games, gadget, computer etc.

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