How Much Average Sleep Time We Need?

Sleep times is depend on the Age, Gender, and Activity. Six to seven hours is an average sleep time for adults.
How much sleeping times we need optimal sleep time average sleep time for adults (
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Sleeping time  Greetings Readers of Propersleep ...  Actually, what is the ideal amount of sleep times for humans? and if the amount sleep times is not met, whether it would bring negative impact to our health, this question may have overshadowed our minds, and certainly we do not want our less sleeping time will interfere our health.

Factor Determine Sleep Time

How much sleeping times we need optimal sleep time sleep for children (
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Sleeping time needed by each person is different from each others, it depends on the age, gender and type of activity. Children need longer sleep times than adults, because its important to support their physical and mental development, and people with heavy physical activity will require more sleep time than average people.

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Optimal Sleep Time for Adults

Rumors that we heard in the community say that the recommended sleep time is 8 hours a day. However, recent studies reveal that apparently the optimal sleep time is 6 to 7 hours. The Studies also said that six to seven hours is an average sleep time for adults that we need to get every day.

Modern Life and Decreased Sleeping Time

Having enough sleep has important implications for our health, but in line to the modern life development, the sleeping times began to decrease from its optimal amount due to  the widespread use of electricity, gadget, TV, internet and so on.

Research on Traditional Tribe

Researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, studied the sleep time habits of the three ethnic groups in Africa. These tribal groups have been living their traditional lifestyle which does not involve modern life, so it is considered similar to our ancestor’s traditional living.

They living in very good health, with lower rates of obesity, better blood pressure, healthy food and also fitter condition, Most of them get less than seven hours of sleep each night, with an average of only 6 hours 25 minutes. This is a time of less than 8 hours as is often recommended in western society in general.

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Optimal Sleeping Time

Having adequate sleeping times will increase immunity will increase and health, both physically and mentally we will be stronger if we get a good sleep and a good night rest.

There is certain that we all have to sleep for eight or nine hours a night, and our body has accustomed to it. Even tough traditional people only sleep for 6 hours a day and still healthy, modern people with modern technology tend to need longer sleeping times.

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