Proper Sleeping Position to Increase Health

Performing the right and proper sleeping position can boost health

Proper way to sleep - Dear Readers of Propersleep… Do you ever experienced wake up in the morning with aches? Back pain? Neck pain? That problem maybe cause by your sleeping position.  Because sometimes we tend to not to put enough attention in what position that we sleep in the night. Even though we are aware of the body posture during the day, but we tend to not aware about the good posture during our night time sleep.
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Habitual Sleeping Positions

Many of you have habitual sleeping position that consciously or unconsciously affect your life, some sleeping position have impact to your body, especially for your posture and your health, that’s why it’s better to implement new habitual proper way to sleep since the benefits of proper sleep will boost the quality of life.

Proper Sleeping Position to Increase Health benefits of proper sleep (
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Comfortable Sleeping Positions

Every time we try to sleep, we probably try to find the position that comfortable to us, everybody may have their habitual and preferred position which suits them. Some of that habitual sleeping position may be not ideal if that causes you to experience pain or other health problem resulting form that sleeping position. It’s conclude that your habitual position may be not the proper way to sleep.

Benefits and Drawback

Each sleeping position has its benefits and drawback, some position maybe cause you some sleep issues such as sleep apnea, snoring, back pain, neck pain. Improper sleeping position, to some extent may cause spinal problem.

Sleeping Positions Variables

As we know that there are several sleeping positions such as side, back, and stomach, each position has its own advantage and disadvantage, for example sleeping on your side will result to be more comfortably and decrease interruption. Sleeping on your back will lowering back pain and lowering some types of sleep issues such as sleep apnea and sleep deprivation, while some scientist doesn’t recommend sleeping on your stomach because it will bring some healthy issues.

Find Your Proper Sleep Position

Before implementing new proper sleeping position, there are several consideration that you should take into account, besides choosing proper position, you should also considering the position that suits you, because sleeping is not always about the health, but also about your comfort.

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